Ageing and Rejuvenation


" 'Oh' those desirous of a healthy long life! Listen to us explaining the method of rejuvenation treatment which is like another nectar, having incomprehensible miraculous effects, promoting life span, providing health, sustaining youthfulness, relieving sleepiness, drowsiness, exertion, exhaustion, lassitude and debility, restoring equilibrium of the doshas, bringing stability, alleviating laxity of muscles, kindling the internal fire and producing of excellent lustre, complexion and voice". ( Ref :Charaka Samhitha)

Objectives of life

Dharma: - One's duty unto oneself, to the family, society, nation i.e. one's duty unto  humanity.

Artha: - Reaping of the benefits of duty.

Kama: - Satisfaction of desires.

Moksha: - Attainment of salvation.

A healthy long life is essential for the achievement of these four fold objectives. Ayurvedic principles are meant for those who want to live a healthy long life. The qualitative and quantitative balance of the seven basic tissues (dhathus) is essential for maintaining the body in a healthy condition. In our life span we need to consider the following three stages :

1. Up to the 16 year: - The time of maximum nourishment, In which the nourishment of the dhathus take place.

2. Between 16 - 70year: - The generative and degenerative process balance each other in this period.

3. After 70 year: - The period of aging. The degenerative process overrides the generative process.

Presently the modern life with its faster pace, departure from nature's rhythm and nutritional living initiates the aging process at a much more earlier age itself.

The following are the main causes of aging / premature aging:

1. Excessive use of food & drinks which have sour, salty and spicy tastes.

2. Intake of alkalies. (Certain preservatives, baking soda etc.)

3. Consumption of old food (tinned canned foods).

4. Over intake of oil fried food.

5. Excessive intake of non- vegetarian food.

6. Incompatible / antagonistic food.


7. Untimely eating schedule.

8. Over eating.

9. Intake of food when suffering from  indigestion.

10. Sleep during the daytime.

11. Excess consumption of alchohol and over indulgence in vices.

12. Over exertion.

13. Negetive emotions like greediness, passion, fear, anger, grief etc..

Knowingly or unknowingly most of us are indulging in some of these activities which result  in aging even in the young or middle ages, with the following symptoms :

The person is subdued with malaise, depression, sleep, drowsiness, lassitude, lack of enthusiasm, dyspnoea,   incompetence in physical and mental activities, loss of memory, intellect and lustre, and gradually becomes resort to illnesses and does not enjoy the normal life span.

The Principles of  Rejuvenation Therapy.

Briefly it is the treatment for the nourishment of the body tissues. This therapy slows down the aging process by decreasing the degenerative process. The appropriate time for this therapy is  between the age of   
16 - 70 yr.

The Merits of the RejuvenationTherapy

The Rejuvenation Therapy (Rasayana treatment) offers prolonged life span, great memory, intelligence, perfect health, youthfulness, bright complexion and colour, bold voice and magnanimity, physical endurance and strong sense organs, perfection in speech, sexual powers and brilliance all are obtained from the Rejuvenation Therapy . It is the best means of keeping the dhathus (tissues) in peak condition.

Many secret recipes are described in the traditional texts of Ayurveda. These medicines can be implemented in 2 ways.

1. Kuti pravesika vidhi: - This is conducted under strict medical supervision with a strict regimen.

2. Vathathapika vidhi :- This is more suited for the present day life. Regimens are not so strict in this approach and treatment can be taken by anyone at any time.

To assess your health and to rejuvenate yourself  using the Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapy, contact us through the on - line consultation.



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