Women & Child Care

  Women are considered to be the most important valuable jewel ever created because the four fold objectives of life, progeny, happiness, all can be attained only through them. So they have to be worshipped as the Goddess of prosperity in the family. Each and every individual is obliged to a woman as mother or wife.
The women are classified into four according to age
  1. Kanya :-         Up to 12 years
2. Bala :-            12 to 16 years
3. Rajaswala :-  16 to 50 years
4. Vridha :-       Above 50 years
The distinctive anatomical and physiological features of women in each age group were well studied by the ancient sages of Ayurveda. Just as the river is cleansed by its flow the women are purified by the menstrual flow. That is the reason for the non-susceptibility of women to many diseases. The regimens to be followed during menstrual and post-menstrual periods are well advocated in Ayurveda. Disregard to these regimens is the leading cause for many of the gynaecological and systemic diseases in women.
    Even though Ayurveda has given equal importance to both sexes, in many translations it is interpretted in a wrong way.  In many of the new texts the 7th dhathu sukla is wrongly described as the semen instead of reproductive tissues.   This makes the Aphrodisiac Therapy (treatments to increase virility) inapplicable for the women which is quite far from the priciples of pure ayurveda.  According to Ayurveda health of a female starts in the fetal stage itself which describes the measures to yield a good female child.  In addition to the systemic diseases, 20 gynaecological diseases are described, which includes the menstrual, post menopausal disorders, sterility, impotency, etc,.
   Women are blessed with the divine duty of maternity. It is a great treasure to have a child who brings fame,  pride, prosperity, beholds righteousness and continuity of human race. The care of a child begins with the health of the parents.  So the Bala chikitsa ( one among the eight disciplines of Ayurveda, dealing with mother and child care ) has been given much importance from the vedic period itself.
   In any community mothers and children constitute a priority group, i.e. approximately 70% of the population. The mother and the child must be considered as one unit because

* During antenatal period the foetus is a part of the mother.
* Child health is closely related to maternal health.
* Certain diseases of the mother during pregnancy are likely to have their effect upon the foetus.
* After birth the child is dependant upon the mother.
* The mental and social development of the child is also dependant upon the mother.
* The mother is the first teacher of the child.
The purity and normalcy in structure and function of four factors is very essential for conceiving a healthy child. They are ovulation, uterus, reproductive tissues and nourishing elements. The treatment measures to ensure the purity of these factors is explained in Ayurvedic literature in detail. Ayurveda also offers the following to yield a healthy child :
* Description of the correct time and way of sexual intercourse.
* Measures to eliminate the male characteristic features of a female child and female characteristic features of a male child.
* Measures for the proper fixation and nourishment of the foetus.
* To get the purity of the race.
* To decide even the sex of the foetus.
* Medications and treatments to be given from the period of conception to the delivery to avoid the
  complications of the pregnancy and to make the labour easy.       

* Antinatal and Perinatal care.
* Postnatal care to regain the health and beauty of the mother and to ensure the purity and quality of the breast milk.
* Neonatal and paediatric care for the proper physical, mental and intellectual development of the child till sixteen years of age

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