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Basic Course  : This course will take you through the relevant portions in the authoritative  text books of Ayurveda: Charaka Samhitha,Susrutha Samhitha and Ashtanga Samgraha etc.,
Advanced Course : This course is designed for the Ayurvedic Graduates, Doctors of western or allopathic medicine and Diploma Holders who have a basic idea of Ayurvedic Literature.This course will take you through the different interpretations of classical text.

Fees Details

Coaching at our center : Fee for the courses range from US$300 to US$2000 depending on the type of education, topics & time required.
It will be confirmed on the receipt of the completed application form.
Course through the Internet  : Ranges stating from US$50 depending on the chosen topics, time required and your educational background
Accommodation for training at our center  :There exists different categories of hotels ranging from star categories to guest houses to small apartments. We can advise you based on your requirements.