Our Medicines


"There is no substance in the world which is not a medicine
and every thing is useful in many ways"

  We offer the personalised care:  
  There is no common medicine for a disease. Ready of the shelf medications cannot have the desired effect as you are individual and your constitution differs from others with the same or similar ailment and the medications have to also be specially made . The medicine changes from person to person for the same disease. The determination of the drug, its potency, dose, time of administration etc should be appropriate to the dosha imbalance, strength & stage of the disease, the diseased (person), and the digestion.
Very subtle are the variation in different states of doshas, drugs, regions, time, strength, digestive activity, food, tastes, accustoms, mental make up, constitution, age etc. which if not considered deeply will lead to complications.
The medicines from our pharmacy will be specially made for you. So even if your health problems are already diagnosed, we request you to go through our consultation procedure to enable a cross verification check and thereby a proper diagnosis.


  We assure the best quality of medicine:  
Though the drug is found suitable still it should be examined to determine its taste, potency, taste after digestion, qualities, nature of the substance, actions, special effects, place of growth, season of collection, method of preservation, correct mode of using, prohibited mode of mode, method of processing, combination, procedure of use, the dosha which it expels out and mitigate inside.
Utmost care is taken in the preparation of medicines by considering all the above criteria to confirm the high standards prescribed in regard to the ingredients and method of production and following GMP standards.
  We ensure the non-toxicity and side benefits  
  The raw drugs we use are pure and of high quality. Processing follows good hygiene and we never use artificial colors or flavors. It is time tested for their effectiveness and harmlessness. As they are prescribed after studying you in detail, they are not only free from side effects, but they and produce positive side benefits. In patients, they cure diseases and produce immunity; for the healthy they help in the maintenance of health and prevention of disease.  
Natural Vs. Synthetic
The use of natural ingredients in personal and health care products has been practised since time immemorial, leading to increased use of herbs with a curative value. Modern research proves that herbs while being effective are also mild and soothing. Potent synthetic preparations and chemicals, though effective, constitute a toxic burden to the human body.

Different forms of medical preparations

  Ayurveda offers the largest variety of herbal preparations of any herbal tradition. The disease a formula treats can be modified by the vehicle( Materials taken along with and after the medication eg. Milk, honey, butter milk etc.) used with it or the formulas with which it is combined.  

1.Herbal Juice:

  It is made by crushing and squeezing the fresh herbs. It can be made from the powder of dried herbs as well, by boiling with water or keeping in water for 48 hours. As this form is highly potent the maximum dose required
is 25 ml. Most often the taste is bitter/astringent.

2. Herbal Paste:


Prepared by grinding the herbs with or without liquid materials, which can be used internally/externally


3. Concentrated herbal decoctions:


It is prepared by boiling the chipped herbs/plant parts in water. The taste of this preparation is usually bitter/astringent. Maximum dose is 45ml/day. This is the most common form of internal medication used, which is highly effective if you can compromise with the taste.


4. Herbal powder:


Powders are prepared by reducing the herbs to a fine powder and mixing together. It can be used internally or externally mixed with food and other liquid materials like honey, warm water, buttermilk etc.

  5. Herbal wines:  
  Herbal wines are self generated herbal fermentation. They are prepared similar to grape wine in big wooden vats and are quite different from tinctures. They have warming and tonifying properties and are comparatively easy to drink.  

6. Herbal jams:


Herbal jams are prepared with raw sugar such as jaggery, honey as the base. They are herbal confections. The sugar acts as a preservative, improves the taste of the herbs and enhances tonic properties. Not all of them however taste good and may have a pungent taste.

  7. Medicated ghees:  
  Ghee from cow’s milk is used as the base to extract the active components from the raw herbs. It will not increase your weight/cholesterol as they are combined with special herbs. Even, there are certain medicated ghees, which will reduce your weight also.  

8. Medicated oils:


Medicated oils are prepared mainly with sesame oil and sometimes, coconut oil, castor oil, bee wax etc. They are used for external and internal use. We use many tonic herbs prepared in oil for external nourishment as well as more special analgesic herbs


9. Tablets/pills/capsules:


Tablets however are not made only of powders. We use herbal pastes and herbal extracts, which give them a superior quality over simple tableted powders.


10. Rasa preparations: 

  These are special, very powerful Ayurvedic herbal preparations using minerals. The toxic metals are purified by various procedures. The result is usually a white powder an oxide of the metal/gem which is humanized or rendered safe for human consumption.