Sexual Dysfunction

Ayurveda stresses maintaining the health and vitality of the reproductive system. Most diseases are based upon or involve some wrong use of sexual energy, as sexual energy is the primary energy of the body and mind. Most psychological disorders are based upon an inability to form right relationships and are largely sexual in origin. Hence the right use of sexual energy is the key to health.

Our present day culture is suspicious & worried of any weakening of sexual drive. Human even though well nourished may not be capable of enjoying the sexual life due to the following reasons :-
Malfunction of reproductive tissue, non-indulgence in sexual activities, too much of joy, obesity, accumulation of waste in the body tissues, exertion, faults of opposite sex, diseases to sexual organs, anger, worry, fear, grief, lack of confidence, old age, disease, exhaustion by overwork etc.

The traditional texts of Ayurveda describe the virilification therapy, which bestows sexual strength to the weak and increase the capacity of the strong for greater enjoyment. Ayurveda offers effective treatments for sexual debility, nervousness, palpitation, spermatorrhoea, nocturnal emissions, pre-mature ejaculation, female infertility, habitual abortion etc.

For a person who resorts to virilification procedures daily, his body does not become emaciated even though he indulges in copulation daily nor does his desire for copulation gets decreased.

Virlification therapy can be undertaken by both men & women. Please contact us for more details at or enter your details in our consultation form