Philosophy based on vedas

     Yoga, one among the 6 Orthodox Indian philosophies  describes the pathway to fulfillment of all goals & ultimate real happiness.
Below we will try to take you through a step by step process to practice yoga.

In the great-enlightened Golden age called the vedic age which traces its roots 5000 year back, spirituality permeated the life. In this system we can recognize 4 levels of knowledge i.e. the knowledge on: the physical body (which is composed of matter); the astral body (of thoughts and emotions); the causal body ( the reincarnating entity) and the universal spirit.

  Health & Yoga   * Objectives of life   
  General points & cautions for the practice of postures     
  Surya namaskara (Sun salutation)     
  Padmasana(Lotus Pose)     
  Ardha Padmasana(Half Lotus Pose)     
  Veerasana   * Veda   
  Gomukhasana   * Secondary scriptures based on veda   
  Paschimothanasana   * Division of society for harmony   
  Sarvangasana(Shoulder Stand)   * Stages of life   
  Halasana(Plough Pose)    
  Bhujangasana(Snake Pose)     
  Salabhasana(Butterfly Pose)     
  Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)     
  Vrukshasana (Tree Pose)                                        
  Thrikonasana(Triangle Pose)